Gurukul Dance Academy from Kansas performed one item in the Kuchipudi style (from Southeast India) and a folk dance from Rajasthan. These were lively and easily enjoyable.

New York Times

One of the most interesting and exotic pieces on the program was performed by the Gurukul Academy. Peformed to traditional music and in color traditional garb, the group number used classical dance moves of India, followed by a remarkable solo performed by the group’s director, Samarpita Bajpai. While balancing a series of brightly painted bowls upon her head, Bajpai floated about the stage. Upping the ante, bowls were added to her load as she danced atop a knife blade. Yet another bowl was added, and for her final trial danced upon a mat laden with broken glass, to the gasps of a spell-bound audience (and yes, it was real broken glass).

Nicole English
UNews-UMKC student newspaper

Samarpita Bajpai’s rhythmic, yet graceful Chitra Natyam or “picture painting dancing” was a rare treat to an art form that, sadly, is dying out.

Nuvo Newsweekly-Indianapolis

Muriel and I came to see you dance. You were absolutely wonderful!!! What a joy to see a superb performer!

Patrick Suzeau and Muriel Cohan
Professors of Dance - University of Kansas

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