Upcoming Gurukul Academy Rangapravesham


Gurukul Academy proudly presents the Kuchipudi Rangapravesham of Deepthi Vodnala and Jahnavi Chalasani September 9th 2023

Gurukul Dance Company is a versatile performing company that specializes in the classical dance styles of India, with the primary focus being on Kuchipudi, a style from the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Artistic Director Samarpita Bajpai is an accomplished Bharatnatyam/Kuchipudi dancer, who has also had intensive training in many other classical styles. The company has worked on projects that have reflected some of these other styles too. Gurukul is also perhaps the only USA based professional company that strives to popularize Indian folk dances among the audience here, believing, that one does not comprehend what India is all about unless they have experienced the folk culture too.

Our School

Gurukul is an institute imparting training in Kuchipudi, the classical dance style from Andhra Pradesh. Students start with basic steps, advancing to ‘jathis’ or short dance sequences. Moving on to choreographies or ‘Margam’ thereafter. Gurukul encourages adult students as much as their younger learners, believing, it is never too late to start dancing.

Our Mission : Promoting and developing various forms of Indian Classical dance in the Greater Kansas City area and Midwest region of United States. 

Bringing Indian and World Arts and Culture together, since Art has no boundaries.

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